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Tastes Like Chicken

Have you ever wondered why, when a friend or family member want’s you to taste something you’ve never had before, and, you ask them what it tastes like, the response is most often, “It tastes like chicken!” Then, once you’ve tried it, you find—it didn’t taste like chicken at all, but something quite different all together.

The reason, I believe this example is so often given, is because we, as humans, are all creatures of habit. We settle into our routines and formed opinions, based on our personal likes and dislikes, and quite frankly—we like things to stay the same.

The same friends, co-workers, community, familiar hangouts and routes to work, all give us a sense of security—this is our "comfort zone". But, change is inevitable, and necessary, for growth and development throughout life.

Just look at the seasons. We’d all like to think that waking up each day to mild sunny temperatures would be perfect—but after some time, we would all begin to take those sunny days for granted, and not see how very special they really are. Because, at each juncture, every seasonal change has a specific purpose by which the planet renews and replenishes life—so, every season is important and necessary.

The same can be said of changes in our individual lives. Each day, is a new beginning, whether we acknowledge it or not. As we grow one day older, our bodies and minds continue to transition into the next phase of development. And, as our brain processes and stores a plethora of information, on a daily basis, it is then used for making decisions throughout each phase of life. So, whether we are cognizant, and, actively engaged in the transformation process—changes are occurring within and around us on a continual basis—and are inevitable.


On the weekends, I oftentimes enjoy watching vintage movies made within the 1930–1950 time period. Not only are they wonderful and hilariously entertaining, through the use of witty dialogue, fabulous wardrobes and elaborate scenery, but, they are also a wonderful commentary on life in general. Without exception, if you remove the dates, and remain within the context of each storyline—in every situation, be it personal, business or societal—change is always met with resistance.

The song Did you ever have the feeling from The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942), written and sung by Jimmy Durante captures this point best.

“Did you ever get the feeling that you wanted to go, But still had the feeling that you wanted to stay, You knew it was right, wasn’t wrong. Still you knew you wouldn’t be very long. Go or stay, stay or go, Start to go again and change your mind again. It’s hard to have the feeling that you wanted to go, But still have the feeling that you wanted to stay. Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, si, do. I’ll go. I’ll stay.” ― Jimmy Durante

In other words, without embracing the changes that come throughout life’s progression, “I’ll go”, will not come about, but instead, regression “I’ll stay” will take place instead. And, as the deteriorating effects of stagnation sets in — a slow and oftentimes painful existence emerges.

Conversely, when inspiration ignites your motivation and it propels you to move forward and re-examine where you “are” verses where you want to “go”— whether it be through faith, mentor, close personal friend, spouse, boss, co-worker, book, stranger or even tragedy — this will enable you to use your time, resources and energy, to elevate you into a new arena of endless possibilities of growth and development — with every change you experience in your life.

So, as time marches on, and inevitable changes come your way—whether it be career or personal — don’t view them as common fowl, instead view each as an opportunity for you to experience the delectable and exquisite delicacy waiting to be devoured!

Remember, life is all about change and there is beauty at every stage of its metamorphosis.

Bon appétit!

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