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Where Did I Put My ...?

Have you ever misplaced something of value, only to find that after searching for hours—what you are anxiously looking for eludes your grasp?

So it seems with all that we hold most important in our lives. The big prospective client or career move, the perfect someone, the ideal vacation adventure, leaving the world a better place for everyone—the list is endless. And, it would appear, the more time and energy that you place into finding the answer — the further out of reach its reality becomes.

In most cases, it is only when you’ve given up your search and resolve yourself to never finding it—that the solution appears. This may be because the answer is not in the search—but in the reasons for the search.

Career AdvancementCheck your connection and make sure that it is plugged in—to the right source

If you find yourself in a work environment that drains you and those around you to the point of overload, and, you see yourself developing a defeatist attitude with no end in sight— then it’s time to re-evaluate why you want to remain with this company and in your current position.

Is it because you feel you are making a difference, or that it’s just easier to stay instead of looking for a new opportunity elsewhere—that would allow you to grow and expand your skill level and influence in your chosen profession?

Frequently, the hardest step to take is not acknowledging that things need to change, but that you first need accept it’s up to you to set the necessary personal boundaries — where you are able to create an environment that is beneficial for all concerned. Many can perform the same duties outlined in a job description, but there is only one you, with the unique prospective to take it to the next level of excellence.

Love ConnectionDelete old program files and upload new anti-virus protection software

If you are constantly reliving and romanticizing past relationships, it will be virtually impossible to see the “perfect fit” for you, when the opportunity presents itself. Ask yourself, “Do I have a type? And if so, is this ideal person making me better or bitter—when the relationship has ended?” If your answer is the latter, then you may want to re-evaluate why you seem to be drawn to this “type” of person. We are all familiar the adage, “those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it over and over again.”

Like everything in life, once you realize, not what you can live with—but what you can’t live without, are you able to refine your selection process, and better define what is best for your life. Then, as if on cue, the right person enters—not with a big BANG, but with a subtle refinement that compliments and doesn’t overpower who you are. And don’t be surprised if it’s completely opposite from the person you thought you’d want to be with for the rest of your life!

Vacation Adventure Chart your course

Begin by creating a list of all the places you would most like to see in your lifetime, and the reasons why you have a desire to go there—starting with what you are able to currently afford, and who you would like to accompany you. Let’s face it—it’s not an adventure worth taking—if it’s not worth sharing.

Next, give yourself a time limit to go, and budget accordingly by putting a little money away, each pay period. Use this time to also research the history and culture of the people, all travel expenses, living accommodations, food, tour guides and don’t leave out emergency back-ups, like travel insurance. Pack lightly, be present in every moment and go with an open mind and heart—ready to receive a different prospective on life than what you arrived with.

Peaceful PlanetBe motivated by empathy—not sympathy

At one time, or another, in life — everyone will experience some type of pain, disappointment or tragedy. This common factor should be the impetus behind your desire to give a hand UP, not a hand OUT, to an individual, community or world mission. Once, the wisdom of understanding allows you to see that you are not looking into the face of a lesser person—but at yourself—the smallest kind gesture will produce a rippling affect that will one day bring about a peaceful plant for all mankind.

So, just remember, if you are not finding the right answers to what you feel you’ve lost or not yet found—maybe you might want to reconsider the reasons you began searching in the wrong place for it.

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